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An FHA loan provides a government-insured loan with flexible loan options. Less strict credit requirements and qualifications make this loan the easiest loan for buying a home or refinancing. Save money with an easy and fast FHA loan, qualifying is simple!

How it Works/Payments

  • 30-, 20- & Pay your mortgage at any time without prepayment penalties
  • 30-, 25-, 20- and 15-year terms are all available with fixed rates
  • 5-year adjustable-rate mortgage available

Loan Qualification Requirements

  • Credit scores as low as 580 may qualify
  • Refinance up to 97.75% of your primary home’s value
  • Buy a home with as little as 3.5% down (primary home)

FHA Streamline Refinance

Are you looking for a FHA streamline refinance? Streamline refinancing an existing FHA-insured mortgage allows limited borrower credit documentation and underwriting. There are two different kinds of streamlines with FHA mortgages, which are credit qualifying and non-credit qualifying streamline refinance.


Key Requirements for a FHA Streamline

  • The mortgage must already be an FHA insured loan.
  • No Minimum credit score requirement
  • The mortgage must be current.
  • Loan cannot have any 30+ day lates in the past 6 months prior to the case # assignment.
  • No more than one 30+ day late in the previous 12 months.
  • Some liens can be subordinated – for example, deferred interest from a loan modification.
  • Must meet a net tangible benefit.

Benefits of a Non-credit Qualifying Streamline Refinance

  • Refund of escrow account.
  • In the case of an escrow shortage, a new escrow account will be set up with the appropriate amount for taxes and insurance plus a 2 months cushion for any future increase in taxes and insurance.
  • Defer up to two mortgage payments.
  • Now includes manufactured homes.
**Family 1st Home Loans is not affiliated with or acting on behalf of or at the direction of FHA, VA, USDA or the Federal Government.